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DO WORK: Manage the Load

Most consider how prolific I am to be a blessing. They see how much I write and publish, and then they say, “I wish I could get as much done as you! How do you keep up with everything?” How do I keep up with everything? I used to not know how to answer this […]

DO WORK: How To Be Creative

Creativity can be taught. I’m tired of the world telling us that one person is creative while the other is not. The way I see it, we are all creative. Some of us just lack the know-how to be so. In my opinion, creativity is the ability to combine motivation, inspiration, and the imagination to […]

DO WORK: Who Are You

Have you ever been asked what you do? Have you ever been asked why you do it? Have you ever been asked what you do in your free time? What about where someone can find you online? In this day and age, we’ve all come across these questions. We’ve either asked them or someone has […]

DO WORK: The Productive Process

A question I receive quite often is, “How do you have the time to get so much writing done?” To be honest, I don’t have time, I make time. But it’s not about making time. I could have all of the time in the world and I’d probably use 99% of it to procrastinate. Time […]