REASONS is here!

I’ve got something important and exciting to share with you all.
It’s been in the works for a while but I can finally share this incredibly special project with you.
As an apologist, I am constantly looking for ways to engage the world around me and share the reasons for the hope I have. One of those ways is to teach others to share the reasons for the hope they have.
It is with great pleasure that I announce my first class on Apologetics. REASONS is here!
REASONS is a mid-level study of Apologetics, with a goal to equip thinkers with a base understanding of what they believe, to better give a reason for the hope that is within them. The study will do this by rooting the thinker in a relevant, systematic, practical, and applicable knowledge of their Christian worldview.
The course begins October 5th at 6.45 pm and will continue every Thursday until November 30th, with a tentative second module beginning at the beginning of February.
The class is starting small to see where the Lord chooses to take it in the future. I have 5 wonderful people seeking to understand themselves, their world, their worldview, and the God of the Bible to the extent that they can clearly share what, why, and how they believe what they do.
This is an incredible blessing and honor.
I need your prayer, friend. I need you to lift this class up and pray we keep our focus, not on the trivial, but on the divine. We can’t learn, and we can’t learn to share, without Jesus. Please pray that I lead clearly and effectively, not for my glory but Christ’s. Pray that we remember the reasons for the hope we have, as Christians, are not about us, but about Jesus. Pray the thinkers attending will bring hearts, ears, and eyes open. Pray that I share what they need, and what God has for them to hear. Pray to ward off oppression. Pray that we love in the face of persecution.
If you think of us thinkers, pray.
Our aim is to be a strong wave of hope, flooding our streets and alleyways with Christ.
I am excited, nervous, and overwhelmed. But I was not created with the spirit of fear, but of love, power, and self-control. For this, I have reason to hope. For this, I have reason to live. For this, I began REASONS. For Jesus be its glory.

About Alan V. Nelson

Alan V. Nelson is a writer living in North Carolina. Through the use of fiction and non-fiction, his mission is to encourage hope and healing in others. When he isn't writing, reading, taking pictures, or on a long walk, he can be found enjoying good chai and conversation at a local coffee shop. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram @alanvnelson

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