SPOTLIGHT: Dzesika Devic

© 2017 Dzesika Devic

Welcome to SPOTLIGHT! Each Tuesday I’ll be posting a quick interview with an awesome person you need to know. This week, photographer Dzesika Devic swings by to answer some questions.


1. For those who don’t know, can you tell us a bit about who you are and what you do?

My name is Dzesika Devic, and I take pictures.

2. What inspires you from day to day?

People, light, dreams

3. Can you describe your process for us?

I take time to sit quietly, just think and this is how I come up with a lot of ideas for conceptual photos. I’ll draw them out in a storyboard, or write them down in a notepad. Music and films influence a lot as well.

© 2017 Dzesika Devic

4. How has that process changed over the years?

I’ve learned a lot about color composition over the years and I consider that in every photo I take. I also give more forethought into each photo before I take it. A photographer once said that when you’re showing a photo of yours you have to think, “What am I trying tell the viewer?” If there’s no idea there when taking the photo then the intrigue of the result is lost. A good indicator for an interesting photograph for me has always been something that makes you look twice, and I consider that more and more when I shoot.

5. Where can people go to find more about you?

Instagram: @dzesikadevic
Flickr: devicfotos2

Unfortunately, I am everywhere.

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