Welcome to SPOTLIGHT! Each Tuesday I’ll be posting a quick interview with an awesome person you need to know. This week my friend Nick Cole kindly gave his time to answer some questions.


1. For those who don’t know, can you tell us a bit about who you are and what you do?

I’m a Science Fiction author. I make up stories, generally about the end of the world or some such dystopia, and I either sell them to publishers, or publish them myself on Amazon.

2. What inspires you from day to day?

I’m inspired by reading. Everything from the Bible to the latest SciFi book, or even biographies I’m reading, or listening too. Music sometimes puts me in a mood to imagine and think. Especially when I’m driving.

3. Is there significance in the way you go about your work?

The most important thing, I feel, that I do: Is pray. I pray to God to use me for his greater honor and glory while I write. And then afterwards I thank Him. Everything else is just a constantly changing game to allow myself time to write.

4. Can you describe your process for us?

I usually get up and read the Bible with my wife over toast and coffee. Then I do yoga. Then I listen to apologetic sermons while I road march anywhere between four to six miles. Then I come home and have lunch and listen to a podcast. Then I write a chapter. Then I drive my wife to LA where she works as an Opera Singer. Then I write while she’s singing. Usually a couple of hours.  Every day I write and I do one marketing thing. When I’m editing a book I  edit all day long. I edit out loud as though I’m reading an audiobook. I call that performing the novel.

5. How has that process changed over the years?

I’ve gotten better at editing. Which I think is where the real writing is done. Writing the book is just getting up the framework. Editing is putting the paint, floor, finish, and decorations on.

6. Where can people go to find more about you?

Check out and get a free book. I do blog posts and I even have a newsletter. It’s fun.

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